IPR Summary Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell

About us :

One’s Inventions and Creations are considered as one’s Intellectual property in nature, and there are laws around the world to prevent the use or misuse of an invention by someone other than the original inventor. Generally such laws to protect invention and inventor's interests are called Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).Along with teaching and extension activities, an educational institution needs to encourage creativity, research and provide a conducive environment. Emerging research and innovative teaching approaches require IPR. IPR plays an important role in providing a competitive edgefor an Institution. Sadakathullah Appa College (Autonomous) has a rich history of scientific and literary contribution to the world since 1971. The College continues to uphold this excellence by setting up an IPR Cell. It was established on 21st June 2018.

The objective of the IPR Cell is to create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights and provide guidance to Teachers, Research scholars and Students.

The objectives of the IPR Cell are:

To create awareness about IPR among the faculties and students of our college.

To conduct workshops, seminars and training courses on IPR

To disseminate knowledge about patents, patent regime and registration aspects in India and foreign countries.

To impart training on future endeavors regarding patent filing processes

To encourage faculty members and scholars to go for patentable works

To promote and encourage high quality research, including adoption of open science practices.

To promote bilateral and/or multilateral agreements for technology transfer mechanisms

The IPR Cell of our college works to fulfill the above objectives and to assist the faculty and students in converting their research works into the valuable intellectual property. An Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR Cell) has been established by the college management. The IPR Cell was formally launched on 21st June 2018 with a staff orientation program on “Intellectual Property Rights”.

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